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Alpha-Gal Syndrome Symposium

The first international Alpha-gal Syndrome Symposium webcast was broadcast live from the Sweet Bee Theater in Pittsboro, NC on May 30, 2018. This video provides a 108 minute overview of Alpha-Gal Syndrome and how to manage it in our daily lives. Leading the discussion are international Alpha-gal experts Dr. Tina Merritt of Allergy and Asthma  who was a part of the US research team and Dr. Sheryl van Nunen, MD, director of the Tick-induced Allergies Research and Awareness Centre in Sydney, Australia, who first discovered the allergy in 2007. Also included are unique perspectives from patients in the US and the first patient diagnosed in South Africa. The event is moderated by Beth Carrison-van der Heide, INHC, and Jennifer Platt, DrPH, Co-Founders of Tick-Borne Conditions United.

Here’s a timestamp index of events:

0:00:00 Title
0:00:20 Opening with Aaron Hall
0:01:11 AGS introduction
0:01:23 Beth Carrison-van der Heide, INHC
0:03:58 Jennifer Platt, DrPH
0:07:41 Layton Long, MSA
0:12:31 Tick-NorthCarolina statement
0:14:55 Beth and Jennifer
0:18:50 Tina Merritt, MD
0:29:03 TBC United event announcement
0:31:55 Jennifer Burton
0:37:35 Jamie Swaine, alpha-gal patient
0:44:31 Introducing Rene Morcom
0:45:58 Rene Morcom, alpha-gal patient
0:51:59 Introducing Dr. van Nunen
0:53:01 Sheryl van Nunen, MD
1:20:01 Excerpts from van Nunen slides
1:26:37 Questions and answers w/guests
1:46:08 Thanks to the sponsors
1:47:26 Closing with Aaron Hall
1:48:10 Credits