July 31, 2021

Lets Eat!! Talk with TaJ

TaJTalk goes to Postal Fish Company

Pittsboro, NC is a small town with a lot of eyes wanting to know what makes it so unique? Whether it's the Amazon series, "Them," which takes place in Chatham County, NC, or the many references of the small town in the Netflix thriller, "Stranger Things."  Now, Postal Fish Company is bringing the town even more celebrity with fresh and local seafood !!

Oh Yeah... This happened.....Thank you to the folks of Postal Fish Company, for welcoming our cameras and feeding us well! Thank you to Maia Swan, for her camera and directing expertise!!
Thank you to my family Rasta Rafiki, for providing the intro track. "imagine," and to The Sunsetters, Jose Pasquini and Derrick McDonald, for the instrumental version of "Forgiveness Divine," which underscores the piece. Gazing Cat Productions...thank you for the Chatham County connection!! I appreciate you all!