November 14, 2021

2021 Chatham County Beer Festival

Chatham County Craft Beer Festival~Pittsboro, NC

TaJTalk ventured out to the local spot 580 Craft Beer for the precedent setting Chatham Country Craft Beer Festival! Chatham County, once known for tobacco and textiles, now has a new claim to fame. Sweet potatoes ain't all we got !! (And don't knock our sweet potatoes, THEY ARE SLAMMIN' !!!)

But we got beer too!! The boys from Thirsty Skull are doing their thing and in collaboration with 580 Craft Beer, it's a winning combination! On a beautiful day, some of North Carolina's tastiest local breweries ventured to PBO and brought the goods.

Along with local food favorite, Pete da Heat!" we had a GOOD TIME!

Thank you to the North Carolina Breweries that came out and shared their offers!

Intro music by Rasta Rafiki, "Imagine, Your for Real!"