April 27, 2019

EastCoast Runway~Hempsmith~Sustainable Fashion Show

Organic. Stylish. Local. Ethical. At Hempsmith, we're on a mission to bring attention to all the benefits of hemp by providing seriously fresh clothing

Founded in 2014, Hempsmith Clothing Co. is the entrepreneurial vision of Zafer Estill. With an adventurous spirit, a love for the Earth and an unrivaled passion for the burgeoning Hemp Revolution, Zafer became a champion for the numerous benefits of hemp products.

Before he could see his dreams for the company come to fruition, Zafer Estill passed away on April 14th, 2016 at age 19, leaving his ambitions to his brother, Arlo Estill. Zafer lives on in the Hempsmith Movement and in the adventurous spirit of anyone who believes in making a difference on our green planet.

Hempsmith is a mission-driven sustainable hemp clothing company devoted to spreading a love of hemp, the Earth, and a fresh look around the world.

Our goal is to provide fine, ethical products and work to protect this garden planet by returning hemp to the people. All of our product is made in America and 100% organic.